Chapter 6

Chapter 6 talks about personality and mental health issues that are associated with getting older.  This chapter was important to me because it discusses some of the major theories of personality development. As we age our lives take on different meanings and in the way our image of ourselves changes.  New roles are assumed and we tend to view ourselves by looking at the things we have accomplished, such as: being married or single, having a family, and our career choices.  Successful aging is a major theme that I thought was very important because it views aging as being a combination of physical and mental health, maintaining cognitive capacity and being actively involved with our communities.  The other major theme of the chapter that I focused on was mental health issues.  Mental health issues are a huge part of the social gerontology field.  There are many elders today who live diseases such as, Alzheimer's, depression, anxiety disorders, and dementia.

Below is a link to the website for the Center for Successful Aging.  This website is great, it has vast information on what it means to successfully age and how to go about doing it.  One thing I really liked was there list of six predictors of whole person wellness.  They also provide great links to other informational sites.

The link below will take you to the website for the Alzheimer's Association.  I was able to find the video that I posted below which discusses the facts and figures for Alzheimer's Disease in 2011.  It is a great site that shows people warning signs, how to get checked for the disease and ways to try to help prevent it.


The following is a song composed by Mick Terry which I thought was a great representation of what I took from the chapter about Alzheimer's Disease.

"The Big Fade", composed by Mick Terry, Silent tree music.

He's likely to forget he can't remember.
And what he does remember is less each passing day.
But sometimes, there are days when he seems better.
But generally, his memory

He's likely to remember he's got problems.
But sometimes, his forgetting can lighten up his day.
They say that what he doesn't know won't hurt him.
But generally, his memory

        THE BIG FADE:
        it's likely to be hitting most of us in time.
        THE BIG FADE:
        is it something we can maybe fight
        or should we be resigned?

He's likely to be telling the same story
the third time in ten minutes and this is a good day.
We take a walk. He tells me not to worry.
But generally, his memory
But generally, most of who he is

On January 4, 2011 President Barack Obama chose to put in place possibly the single most important act for Alzheimer's Disease in our nations history.  NAPA, or, the National Alzheimer's Project Act which will ensure that our government actively confronts one of the worst diseases known to man.  The link below is to the article which talks about NAPA.

The illustration below shows how Alzheimer's Disease effects the brain.

Chapter 6 Crossword Puzzle

Chapter 6

  9. ability to cope with life challenges while maintaining optimism
11. goal of middle aged and older people is to care for and mentor younger generations
12. psychiatric disorder characterized by irrational suspiciousness of other people
13. abbrv. electroconvulsive or electroshock therapy

  1. the most common psychiatric disorder in old age
  2. the cognitive representation self
  3. the achievement of good physical and functional health often accompanied by strong social support
  4. the progressive marked decline in cognitive function
  5. a less acute type of depression
  6. a reversible dementia
  7. masculine and feminine aspects of personality present in both genders
  8. psychological disorder triggered by external stress
10. form of psychotherapy that encourages discussions of past successes and failures

Chapter 6 Word KeyAcross:
9 – resilience
11 – generativity
12 – paranoia
13 - ECT


1 – depression
2 – self-concept
3 – successful aging
4 – dementia
5 – dysthymic disorder
6 – delirium
7 – archetypes
8 – anxiety disorder
10 – life review